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"These are the good old days."

Hello, I’m Melissa

I’m a family portrait photographer based out of Steveston BC. I grew up in Steveston but spent my twenties studying photography in Edinburgh (so I kinda have an obsession with anything Scottish). 

I have a beautiful (and fiesty) almost 3 year old.  I’m constantly trying to capture her every move and milestone. I just love watching her big personality develop.

I’m committed to getting to know my clients, as I love to capture their personalites and their relationships on a more honest level. My favourite part about being a photographer is having the ability to transport my clients back to a moment in time with a single image. It’s sometimes hard to remember all the little things along the way, as families and children change so quickly, so it’s always a joy to hold your best memories in photographs.


A few things you may not know about me:

*  I'm a cookie monster.... (like actually). If there are cookies close by, I will eat ALL of them. I heart cookies.

*  I orignally took my first year photography course in Scotland so I could get a visa to stay in the UK. Turns out I had an unknown love for taking photos, so I ended up staying for another couple of years to complete my Higher National Degree in Photography and Digital Imaging.

*  I'm a coffee 'til wine kinda girl.

* I love walking and exploring my village daily. So much so, that I started an additional instagram page called @exploringsteveston where I document my daily adventures with my almost 3 year old.

*  One day I would like to fit all of my worldly possessions into one bag, but right now I'm just a minamalist at heart.