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How long are your sessions

My session times vary from 30-90 minutes depending on the package you choose. 

Sometimes Newborn sessions can take a little longer so I usually recommend a shooting time of 60 mins 

Where will my session take place?

Newborn session:

All of my newborn sessions take place in the comfort of your own home so that your baby is warm and you have a comfortable place to nurse. 

Family portrait sessions:

All family portrait sessions take place at a location of your choice. You can either tell me your favourite spot or if you want I can give you some suggestions. I also have some great location ideas on my blog and instagram.

Best time for newborn photos:

First 10-14 days. They don't stay small for long! I always say the sooner the better with newborn photos. Although you may not always be feeling your best when you first get home from the hospital it truly is the best time to capture how small and tiny they are.

Best time for maternity photos:

32-36 weeks depending on how you are feeling and whether it is your first or second baby

Best time for Family Portrait sessions:

I photograph family portraits outdoors all year round, however the best time of day for light is usually in the morning or late afternoon/early evening. I can advise the best time for your shoot depending on the time of year.

How do I book my newborn session when I don’t know when my baby will arrive?

Once you have decided to book with me, I’ll mark your due date in my calendar. Then, once the baby arrives, just send me a quick note when you are home and I can fit you in for the next available session date.

What happens when it rains?

If you book a session with me and it happens to be raining that day there are a few options:

* We can move the session time to a dryer part of the day

* If it’s raining a little we can go ahead with the session outside and get some moody, typical Westcoast-style portraits

* We can do the session indoors or in a location that is covered

* Or we can re-book the session for another date

What to wear:

Wear something that you feel good in and is typically YOU. Feel free to dress up or dress down for the session depending on the mood and location of the shoot. I don't like to give too many suggestions as I feel like you know your style best. However, I would suggest bringing a second option. You can bring a change of clothes entirely or just a few layers to add on or take off. Things like cardigans, jackets, scarves, hats, jewellery, vests and sweaters are easy to layer onto what you are wearing without doing a complete change. 

Do you bring props?

I don’t like to bring props to my sessions as I like the photos to reflect your own unique style and personality. I want you to remember a certain time in your life, not my props. When you look back at your photos in the years to come I want you to remember your babies room, their blankets and their stuffed animals or anything that reminds you them at that particular time.


My style is very natural so I do retouch your images very lightly. However if you require more retouching on a particular photo just let me know and I'm happy to do more.

Turnaround time for family portraits: 2-3 weeks